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Dear Friends!

Easter comes early this year.  We no sooner seem to have got over Christmas and Lent is upon us, with Easter close behind.  What is it about Easter that is so attractive?  The shops are full of Easter eggs and fluffy chicks and bunnies and there is the usual endless advertisements for chocolate.  Is that all we see, or all we understand?  Of course, Spring is also nearly here and perhaps it’s that renewal that is a common theme for those that believe in Christ and those that do not.

Christians know that however dreadful the day of the crucifixion, three days later Christ rose again and now lives!  He offers us redemption, salvation and eternal life with Him if we but believe and turn away from sin.  Our lives will not be worth anything if we do not repent and transform the way we live.  If we continue to live a good life, but do not believe in Christ then we will not inherit everlasting life either.  One cannot exclude the other.  We must believe in Christ; believe that He is God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; blessed Trinity; all powerful, but also all forgiving.

As human beings we can never be perfect. I certainly am not perfect, far from it!  I try very hard to practise what I believe and reflect the love that Christ

showed for me when He died on the cross to save me.  He was the living sacrifice to pay the price of my sin; not just my sin, but yours too.  He has paid the price for the sins of the whole world.

He was the greatest gift that God could give.  His only begotten Son, born of woman and He lived among us, as one of us.  During His short life, He must have suffered pain, anguish, happiness, sadness, frustration, joy, depression, loneliness; in fact, all the feelings we can or have felt, we can assume that He felt as well.  He did it, I believe, to show us that no matter how bad our lives, or how bad we are, we can still have His peace and His joy by accepting Him into our hearts and following in His footsteps.

As a Christian I know that it is not easy to walk in His shoes and I stumble and often fall, but He always picks me up, cuddles me (like any good parent) and makes me feel better.  He helps me carry on.  I hope that some of that love and joy He gives me, shines out of my eyes onto those around me, so that they too can share in it, feel it, and know His love.

Vicki Smith, Parishioner at St Mary’s Doddington







What Is It About - Easter?

Peace be with you.....and also with you!

Matthew 27: 37

37 Over his head they put the charge against him, which read, ‘This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.’